“I could not have asked for a better experience/box then when I walked into CrossFit CVI. The owner and trainers are top notch. The programming is incredible and fear not if you have any injuries because they have the knowledge and experience to help anyone…”
– Allison. G

“I never liked working out so much until I Signed up at crossfit cvi!
I never knew anything about weight training or even thought about lifting heaving in general, and now that’s what I strive for! Clean and jerks are now my all time favorite workout to do now that I finally spruced up my technique! I hated how hard it used to be for me to drag myself to workout and when I arrived at a regular gym I found myself being so unproductive. Crossfit however, really got me out of my slump of living so unhealthy! I look forward to the wods being posted at night even if there’s a ton of running in the metcon. After it was all said and done with encouragement from everyone around me to keep pushing forward, I felt a difference in myself within the first week of trying it out! I find myself now working towards a totally different appearance for myself rather then wanting to just be skinny just like every other girl does. I want to be physically fit just like camille leblanc-bazinet!”
– Torre. H

“Can I just say, I moved from Fort Lauderdale to GA in December, and I have been trying to find the perfect crossfit ever since up here. None of them compare to CFCVI! The coaches, hours, size of the place, work outs, prices, and the homey feeling you get when you walk through the door are all impossible to find! CFCVI had it all in one and it was literally the perfect box for me. I am extremely upset that I can not find anything even remotely close to it up here in GA. Before CVI I hopped from box to box looking for a good one also and none of them even lived up to this box. All of the coaches are very motivational and know what they are talking about! They help work with you even one on one so you don’t feel insignificant in a class. Classes arent too big or too small; they are just the right size. They have perfect times that are extremly convenient and fit to any schedule. CVI had literally every checkmark on my list completed and it will def be the box I run to when I come back to visit! They definitely set the standards of what to look for in a box! I promise, joining this box will be one of the best decisions for your body! You won’t regret it! This place is beyond amazing!”
– Aylisis R.

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