CrossFit CVI Testimonials

Here is an opportunity to read about some of our athletes and their experience with our unique program.

These athletes are just like you and I.  Normal jobs, husband, wives, mothers or fathers, or students. Each have their own love for the CrossFit CVI Community.


Take your time and read through them you will love it.

My life would not be the same with out Crossfit CVI.

I was originally introduced to Crossfit over Christmas break in 2011 by my sister. Immediately hooked, I began researching boxes in Fort Lauderdale. I visited many gyms and just wasn’t happy. I wanted to feel part of a family, a Crossfit family. I will never forget first walking into CVI and meeting Coach Edwin for the first time. He had the biggest smile on his face. He took the time to meet me and focused on the goals that I wanted to accomplish. From that day forward, I had my Crossfit family. My husband and I are in the best shape of our lives. We are lifting heavy things, getting stronger, and moving faster. Our lives would not be the same with out CVI. Before each WOD, I still get butterflies from the excitment of conquering a new goal, setting a new PR, or just giving it my all.

Kacee T.

I freaking love My CrossFit!! My main goal is to lose 15 pounds and get a 6 pack. Doing CrossFit allows me to workout without getting bored of the routine because its something different everyday and the coaches push me to my max. Evenwhen I think I can’t the coaches push me to my limit and help me realize I can do more weights, go faster. The trainers believe in me more than I believe in myself. Doing CrossFit keeps me motivated to work out and finish the WoD. When I’m tired and want to stop I see everyone else still going and it motivates me to push myself as well and finish, as opposed to just going to the gym and actually stopping. Another reason I love going to CrossFit is because, like I said early, the routines are always different, therefore you’re always working out a different body part and the best part about it is waking up the next morning and being sore in areas you never even knew you could be sore. And yes, I love rope climbing the rope, it was an awesome experience being able to accomplish the it since it was something I wasn’t able to do before. I can even do pull-ups on my own, as when I started I began with a band.

Best Place Ever!

Jocelyn L.

Crossfit CVI is my home away from home where my family is.

When I walk in I get to leave everything else at the door and just be me. It is a place to be proud and also be humbled. I am challenged, stretched, and encouraged to do my absolute best by my coaches and peers who are all in it together. What we do at CVI improves my life everywhere else…period  I have lost 13 lbs in not time.  Nutrition and CrossFit.

Nick G.

I’m a strong believer that exceptional businesses and business-owners should be singled out and lauded for their efforts, so have taken a few moments to write down some thoughts about CrossFit CVI. I hope to encourage you as a reader of this review to give this place a try. A visit to CrossFit CVI improves any day. A bad do goes to bearable, an average day becomes a good one, and a great day ends up wonderful after an hour at CVI.

I generally find my way to CrossFit CVI 4 or 5 times per week, and have been doing so for about six months. This is my first meaningful CrossFit experience and it has been nothing short of magnificent. Perhaps it’s simply the CrossFit way (I believe this to be somewhat true based on what I’ve heard from people who attend other gyms), but I also think that there is something unique about CrossFit CVI.

It all begins with the purveyor of this establishment, Edwin Morales. While it feels too mild and too simply a statement, Edwin is a bona fide genuinely caring and nice person. That “nice” is reflected in the way he runs his business, the way he interacts with the people in his gym and I suspect the way he leads his life. Even on the busiest days, when the warehouse is loaded with people, Edwin goes out of his way to acknowledge everyone there. On those busy evenings it may be no more than a quick fist-bump and “what’s up”, but it happens every single visit. On slower days, Edwin takes time not just to see how things are going with workouts, but also to ask about how my kids are doing and how life is in general.

Edwin’s way of approaching his business and interaction with the members of his gym sets the entire culture of the place. I’m an exceptionally introverted individual and have a very difficult time approaching others. However, from the first moment I walked in to CrossFit CVI, I’ve felt it to be nothing but welcoming. There is always a member or coach ready to greet a new face. People are extremely friendly and congenial. Even on my low energy days when I feel particularly stand-offish and quiet, members seem willing to engage and speak with me when I feel ready and not offended when I back away from dialog. The coaches mirror Edwin’s demeanor and are always extremely helpful and friendly, interacting with everyone and spending extra time with those who need it most. The culture is one of inclusiveness, of genuine friendship, of support and of enjoyment. Friendships extend beyond the gym. Social activities are regular occurrences. This culture, above all else, makes CrossFit CVI a unique and wonderful place to spend time and spend one’s fitness money.

The workouts… well it’s CrossFit. You’ll get your butt kicked. You’ll feel miserable. You’ll learn to love the misery and pain of the workouts. The first few times you go you may think that CrossFit isn’t for you. Then, if you stick with it a bit longer, you’ll learn that you can do so much more than you thought possible. You’ll discover that what you thought was your limit was just the starting line. You’ll become faster, stronger, smarter, feel better, look better. You’ll have a miserable work-out and want to never go back, then in a subsequent workout do something seemingly magical and feel on top of the world and know CrossFit is the right thing for you.

If you’re looking for a place to get into shape and wondering about giving CrossFit a shot, this is the place to try. This is a place I genuinely enjoy paying to be a member of. It and the people who belong to it are becoming indispensable parts of my life. I can think of no greater testament than that.

I never liked working out so much until I Signed up at crossfit cvi!

I never knew anything about weight training or even thought about lifting heaving in general, and now that’s what I strive for! Clean and jerks are now my all time favorite workout to do now that I finally spruced up my technique! I hated how hard it used to be for me to drag myself to workout and when I arrived at a regular gym I found myself being so unproductive. Crossfit however, really got me out of my slump of living so unhealthy! I look forward to the wods being posted at night even if there’s a ton of running in the metcon. After it was all said and done with encouragement from everyone around me to keep pushing forward, I felt a difference in myself within the first week of trying it out! I find myself now working towards a totally different appearance for myself rather then wanting to just be skinny just like every other girl does. I want to be physically fit just like camille leblanc-bazinet!

Torre H.

Can I just say, I moved from Fort Lauderdale to GA in December, and I have been trying to find the perfect crossfit ever since up here.

None of them compare to CFCVI!

The coaches, hours, size of the place, work outs, prices, and the homey feeling you get when you walk through the door are all impossible to find! CFCVI had it all in one and it was literally the perfect box for me. I am extremely upset that I can not find anything even remotely close to it up here in GA. Before CVI I hopped from box to box looking for a good one also and none of them even lived up to this box. All of the coaches are very motivational and know what they are talking about! They help work with you even one on one so you don’t feel insignificant in a class. Classes arent too big or too small; they are just the right size. They have perfect times that are extremly convenient and fit to any schedule. CVI had literally every checkmark on my list completed and it will def be the box I run to when I come back to visit!

They definitely set the standards of what to look for in a box!

I promise, joining this box will be one of the best decisions for your body!

You won’t regret it! This place is beyond amazing!

Aylisis R.

I love CVI. Its much more than a just a gym, its a team.

The coaches are awesome all around, everyone is always having fun, except during Kalsu 🙂 and we are always motivating and supporting one another. It has been a huge positive influence in my life.

I am stronger mentally and physically, more confident and a healthier, happier person all around since I started. Being here with my coaches and friends is the best part of my day. Im always looking forward to the next WOD and enjoy looking back to see how far I’ve come.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a place to have fun and better themselves.

Julia B.