The “Merry-Go-Around”

In Teams Of 3

Each Team Will Have The Following Equipment:

1 x 45# Bar
1 x 20# Slamball
1 x Sled
2 x 25# Plates
3 x Jump Ropes

With The Given Equipment Complete:

400m Run Sled Pull 50# (switch at any time during the pull)

At Turn #1 Complete:
150 Slamball 20#
(switch at any time)

At Turn #2 Complete:
200 DuBs – Or 400 Singles
(all can work at the same time)

At Turn #3 Complete:
100 Front Squats 95#
(Females can do backsquat, team can help place bar)
(switch at anytime)

At HomeBase(box) Complete:
200 Sit-up
(all can work at the same time)

1 teammate will be pulling sled
1 will be carrying 45# bar
1 will have slam ball and jump-ropes
(athletes can switch at anytime during the WoD)