Owner/Coach Orville Aris

Owner/Coach Orville Aris

Head Coach/Owner

I love: my family
My favorite WoD(s): Helen
My favorite exercise: Cleans and Deadlifts
Who would you like to meet? Edwin Moses, Usain Bolt, Lauren Fisher
My favorite quote: “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything”

Education: AAS Business Management; B.S in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Certificates: ACSM; CPTS; CrossFit Lvl 1 and 2, USAW Performance Coach, CPR/AED

Adam Varley

Adam Varley


I Love:
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bacon & my wife pretty equally.

My Favorite WoD(s):
I have many. Grace & Diane

My favorite exercise:
Clean and Jerk

Who would you love to meet?
Crocodile Dundee

Favorite quote:
Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.

Now some seriousness!

Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Certificates: CSCA, USAW, CrossFit Level One




I love: My family, food and life

My favorite WoD(s): Fran and Grace

My favorite exercise: Cleans

Who would you like to meet? Dwayne Wade/Lebron James.

My favorite quote: “If you think your best days are ahead of you, they are”

Education: Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science.

Certificates: CrossFit Level One 

Kurtis Reis

I love my: Family

My Favorite WOD: “Jack”

Who would you like to meet ?: Clint Eastwwod

My favorite quote: “Whatever it takes”

Education: AAS Degree in Criminal Justice

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting, CPR Cert.

Birte Berghausen
I love: my family, nature, life and food
My favorite WoD(s): Jackie; “Chippers” in general
My favorite exercise: Squats
Who would you like to meet? Annie Thorisdottir, and every day heros
My favorite quote: “May the best day of your past, be the worst day of your future”

Education: B.S degree in Hotel & Restaurant  Management

Certificates: CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Kids,  

Experiences: 15 yrs of national and international horseback riding; Berlin-Brandenburg Champion.