Saturday Sep. 29, 2012

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Team A vs. Team B Team C vs. Team D Split athletes accordingly. While Team A/C  runs 800 meter Sand Bag 60/30   -    Team B/D do [...]

Thursday Sept. 27, 2012

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A.) Muscle Up Transitions B.) 500m Row x3 (rest 3 minutes in between) *Stagger athletes accordingly. i.e: some may have to start with row, some [...]

Wednesday Sep. 26, 2012

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Obstacle Course AMRAP 20 mins Broad Jumps (50m,Run Back) Ladder Drill 2 Rope Climbs Box Jump Drill (12",16",20",24",28") Handstand Walk (Length of Gym) scale this [...]

Tuesday Sept. 24, 2012

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A) Deadlift 10x10 (55%-65% of 1 RM) B) 2 min AMRAP: DUBS Rest 1 minute 4 min AMRAP: 10 Lateral Burpees (over barbell -Example: jump, [...]

Monday Sept. 24, 2012

By |2012-09-23T20:24:04+00:00September 23rd, 2012|CFCVI WOD|

A) Snatch technique 3x3 Snatch High Pull (100%+ of 1RM) 5x3 Power Snatch (75-80% of 1RM) (Encourage Hook Grip) B) For Time "Fran's Sister" 15-12-9 [...]

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