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Wednesday 19th Sept. 2018



Warm – Up: 400 m run

Barbell Warm Up–

10 Good Mornings
10 Back Squats
10 Elbow Rotations
10 Strict Presses
10 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
10 Front Squats

**wrist stretch 

**front rack stretch


Strength: Deadlift

5 x 55 %

5 x 65 %

3 x 70 %

3 x 80 %

3 x 85%

**rest 60 – 90 sec between sets**


MetCon:  “Gwen”

Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps

**Score: Weight used ***

**3 – 5 min rest in between sets***

Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

“Gwen” is a great example of blurring the line between weightlifting and cardio. Athletes will complete 15 unbroken clean and jerks, 12 unbroken clean and jerks, and 9 unbroken clean and jerks, resting as needed between. There is no time component to today’s workout. The only score is the load used, which will be the same across the board for all three sets. Athletes will have plenty of time to feel out weights before settling on their workout weight, which should be something they can complete for 15-20 repetitions unbroken when fresh.

If athletes do not complete the repetitions unbroken, they will still finish out the set. Their score will be the total number of reps completed unbroken at that weight. For example, if athletes get the 15 unbroken, 12 unbroken, but only complete 5 of the 9 unbroken in the final set, their score will be 32 reps. They will submit 32 reps at “x” weight as their score. They can rest as needed and finish out the remaining 4 reps of the set of 9.



“Sleigh Bells”

5 Rounds for Time

200 m Run
15 Kettlebell Swing
20 Goblet Squats w/ KB
30 m Sled Drag (backwards) 70/45

Tuesday 18th September 2018


Warm – Up: 200 m run

Couch Stretch (quad Stretch)

Spiderman Lunges

12 Jumping Jacks

10 Samson Stretch

6 Push Ups to Downward Dog

10 PVC Pass Thru

10 Kipping Swings


Strength: Bench Press

7 sets x 3 reps (athletes will increase weight per set)

***superset w/ 10 Inverted Rows on rings **


For Time:
400 Meter Run
50 Double Unders
15 Toes to Bar
15 Pull-ups
400 Meter Run
50 Double Unders
12 Toes to Bar
12 Pull-ups
400 Meter Run
50 Double Unders
9 Toes to Bar
9 Pull-ups

Monday 17th September 2018



Warm- Up: Row 500 m

10 Spiderman Lunges + Hamstring Stretch

10 Samson Stretch

10 Baby Makers

**Barbell Warm-Up**

5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Presses
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
5 Front Squats



WOD Overview:

Athletes will group up into teams of three for this leg-heavy workout. There are 5 separate time windows today. Teams will spend the first five minutes accumulating as many front squat as possible before immediately transitioning to the rower for as many calories as possible. Following three minutes of rest, athletes will work through the same format with back squat and bike calories.

The score today is total reps accumulated across the four stations. Teams will increase the barbell weight every 30 repetitions. These should be loads that athletes could complete at least 25, 20, and 15 repetitions unbroken respectively when fresh. It is ok for teams to have multiple racks or quickly change out plates if one or more teammates are using different weights.


Teams of 3:
0:00 – 5:00 – Max Front Squats
5:00 – 10:00 – Max Calorie Row
10:00 – 13:00 – Rest
13:00 – 18:00 – Max Back Squats
18:00 – 23:00 – Max Calorie Bike

Squat Loads Increase Every 30 Reps:

Front Squats
0-30 Reps (115/80)
31-60 Reps (135/95)
61-AMRAP (155/105)

Back Squats
0-30 Reps (155/105)
31-60 (185/135)
61-AMRAP (225/155)



21/15 Calorie Row
18 Weighted Step Ups (choose DB Weight)
15 AbMat Sit-Ups
12 Hand Release Push-ups

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